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Yes, sorry everyone (I mean no one) I have canceled the writing of this story, I just couldn't finish it.. (Really she's just a lazy bum and has writers block) So I am so sorry to all those who wanted to read it (No one did anyways) but we must say goodbye to the story House Of One Thousand Doors... But, I will put in this journal, what I had so far, before this was canceled...

"Will you get out of bed already!" I feel a searing pain on the back of my head and groan "Mom its the last day here! Let me sleep.." I opened my eyes and looked up at my glaring mother and older brother leaning on the wall holding his bags and playing on his phone "If you don't get up, get dressed, and pack your stuff in three minutes then we are leaving without you" She glared at me and hit the back of my head again before walking out of the room along with my brother "Ugh..." I get up and sigh "Well this is just great.." I get out of bed, brush out my quickly then get on a tank top and a shoulder sweater over it,some jeans and quickly pack my clothes, phone and all the pictures of my dad and I sigh and shout to my mom "Ready!" I drag all the bags including my brothers out of the room and into the car, getting covered in dust in the process from my brother kicking dirt at me "Jerk face.." I mumble when I come inside and sit down on the bench waiting for my mom to be done putting all her makeup on. I sat in the very back of the car with my ear phones plugged into my phone and listening to my favorite band of all time, Hollywood Undead, mom never approved of me listening to it, said its for ten year old crazy children.. I disagree, I always have to listen to it with headphones on or she will ground me, or beat the crap out of me... Again "We're here!" Mom shouted back at me from the drivers seat as she parked at the entrance of the big mansion dad left us "It could be better.." My brother said, looking up at the giant house in front of us "Its fine to me!" My younger sister said next to me- oh yeah, I have a younger sister, mom usually ignores her for some reason "Don't worry dear, we will get out of here once we get enough money for a nicer house" Mom said to Jason- my older brother, she treated him like he was a god, and us? She treats us like doormats, always last, if we don't want to go somewhere he does, we go anyways. Its a nightmare. "Looks fine to me..." I say, she ignores me like always, but by now I got used to it.

The house is dusty and dark, only a few lights that actually work, the furniture- or what's left of the furniture, is rock hard and hurts my back if I sit on it, or it gives me splinters if I touch it. "Ugh! What an ugly place!" My mom has made that her new word of the day EVERY day, its been a week now, but things are just as dull as they were when we arrived here, but things were about to change for the worst.
It was a normal Tuesday night, it was dark out, the wind was howling in my ears from the window in my room that never shut, and I was laying in bed, trying to go to sleep. I sighed "This is going to be a LONG night.." I mumbled to myself, I eventually started to fall asleep, till I suddenly heard a loud scratching noise and bolted out of bed, rushing to my window and peering outside. A dark figure was standing behind some bushes, I just stared for a moment till its head spun around with lightning speed at stared right up at me, its glowing red eyes making me freeze in place, I just stared for a moment then ducked down under the window so I was out of sight "Its not real.. its not real.." I told myself that over, and over for what seemed like hours, till I finally looked out from my hiding place, well, whatever it was, its gone now. "Phew...." I sighed, relieved that it was gone now, all of a sudden I heard a soul piercing scream from Faiths room, my sister "FAITH!" I shouted into the darkness and burst out of my room, darting down the hall as fast as I could

And that's all I got, its a big mess of a "project" that I will bury in a hole and never bring up again because its so bad... So that's that, hope this entertained you for two seconds...

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